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How Drug Access Works in Canada

Course Description
2 Sections
1 hours
Pre & Post tests

The purpose of this module is to demonstrate how the work of a drug access navigator is shaped by the broader policies and regulations that influence drug access in Canada.

It is important to fully understand these influencers as they shape everything that occurs in your day to day work:  the challenges that present to patients, the way you explain drug availability and approaches with the team, and the paths of navigation that you choose to action.  It is the essential starting point in learning how to navigate.

Specifically, this module is intended to:

  • Outline how drugs enter the Canadian market and how they are funded
  • Highlight some of the ways these structures shape the challenges in drug access you will face in practice

Learning Objectives

By the end of Module 2 you will be able to:

  • Identify and explain the four key influencers of patients’ drug access in Canada
  • Identify the different types of drug funding sources (e.g. insurance, public drug plans) and their key differences
  • List the common drug coverage challenges that present in practice

Even if you are already familiar with some of the policies and agencies that we will discuss in this module, it is still important to review this module in its entirety. There may be points that challenge your current understanding or there may be some areas of learning that you hadn’t explored.  The intent of this module is to ensure drug access navigators have a consistent and general understanding of the policies that shape their practice.



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