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The Drug Access Canada course has six (6) modules that cover a variety of training content.  The modules are to be completed independently. While there are no time requirements for completing this course, it is recommended to complete it within a 6-8 week timeframe.


Module 1

The Module will provide an overview of Drug Access Navigation including the navigator’s role and how they operate.


Module 2

The module will help you understand how drugs enter the Canadian market, how they are funded and how this structure of drug accessibility impacts practice.


Module 3

This module expands on the information about insurance and public drug plans to give you the information you will need to work with these plans effectively in coordinating coverage for patients.


Module 4

The purpose of this module is to provide an overview of the drug access navigator role and how it operates.


Module 5

This module will help you discover how to coordinate different forms of coverage and navigate difficult coverage situations and conduct appeals.


Module 6

This module is dedicated to help you manage your caseload and navigate difficult issues that arise in practice through suggested practice guidelines.


This course is designed for persons performing “drug access navigation” in hospital oncology clinics, hospital pharmacies, and physician offices.  It reflects drug access policies and practices as they relate to drug access navigation with patients in front-line care settings.  It is not intended as a training tool for those in the benefits or specialty service industry.  It is for use in Canadian health care settings only.

This course offers training content that can be used to supplement professional training/certification and internal training programs.   It has been licensed for use by Drug Access Canada from M.L. Robertson Consulting, Inc. under a standard licensing agreement.  All efforts have been undertaken to ensure content is accurate and aligned with current federal and provincial policies.  The content developer M.L. Robertson Consulting, Inc. and Drug Access Canada hold no responsibility for the participants’ interpretation or application of the course content in practice, nor will they be held liable for any errors made in drug access navigation that have a negative outcome for patients.  Users of this course material are expected to practice drug access navigation within the scope of their professional Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice and the rules of conduct for their health care institution.  For licensing inquiries or reproduction requests, email [email protected]



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